Items to be brought for the challenge.

The following items represent a list of essentials which are to be brought
by participants taking part in the challenge;

Any items noted “mandatory” are an absolute requirement and failing to comply will result
in disqualification. 
Life jacket per person (**)   mandatory
Boat numbers (included in welcome pack given out on the day)   mandatory
SOS flag (included in welcome pack given out on the day)    mandatory
Course map (print map from our website)  mandatory
Bailing device    mandatory
Mobile phone (s)   mandatory
Tow rope (8m - attached  to front of vessel)  mandatory
First aid kit
Food and drink
Change of clothes
Rain protection clothes
Sun protection clothes
Sun cream
(**) Life jackets must be worn by all persons (active or non active)when on the water, failing this we will have no choice but to disqualify your crew.
Event schedule details :

Day before Event Day( Friday 10th May 19:00 to 21:00 )boat & crew reg and pick up your welcome pack at Cafe Mocha, The Square, Kenmare.
Boats/trailers can be parked in the allocated parking area at the pier (sign posted) please use 
Event Day (Sat 11th May 8:00 to 10:00) reg and pick up is at at Kenmare Pier , where launch and finish takes place (check "where")

The event day will be phased as follows:-

1.  ​Arrival of crews from 8 am at Kenmare pier. All cars trailers at parking area back of pier 
2.  ​Boat and crew registration 8:00 to 10:00 at Pier
3.  ​Larger Boat launching - day before advisory
4.  Safety ​Briefing;  10:00 am
5   All BOATS READY IN THE WATER at  10:50  am
6   ​Start ;  11:00  am 
7   ​Enjoy your journey (as per safety plan).
8   Finish at Kenmare Pier/boat recovery/medal
9  ​Category winner trophy giving also at pier.

Launch/Start & Finish Location:

Kenmare Pier

All crews require to register and pick up WAC PACK  at  WAC Registration  - Friday from 19:00 until 21:00 at Cafe Mocha, the Square, Kenmare and Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00 at Kenmare pier.  Any changes to previously notified crew members will be adjusted/recorded. 
A water safety team will be on duty at Kenmare pier to inspect mandatory safety items and vital equipment before allowing crews to take part.   Any boats deemed unsuitable for the race conditions will be excluded at scrutineers absolute discretion. No inflatable craft or yacht tenders are allowed to compete. All crew members must wear life jackets or buoyancy aids during the event. Any cox or passengers must wear lifejackets.
After finishing the boat captain will report to registration point immediately on coming ashore, to confirm safe return of all crew members.

WAC rules :
Any person / participant must be 16 years or older.
It is mandatory that life jackets must be worn at all times when on the water
Any kayak / canoe / board or boat with fixed or sliding seats single or multiple oar can enter once it is propelled manually by oar or paddle.
The event committee and the safety officers may exclude any participant on safety grounds before, or during, the event depending on weather and water conditions and will examine the suitability of individual crafts on these grounds.
Participants are responsible for the launch  and retrieval (Kenmare Pier) of their own craft. Please note that there are no lifting cranes but that a concrete slip is available Help is also available on the day.
All participants competing for particular categories/classes and/or gender must meet the requirements of their category/class. Mixed crews must have at least 50% women rowing/paddling at all times.
Passengers or alternative rowers are permitted if it is deemed safe to carry these in the craft under the prevailing conditions. Participants are free to share or alternate the rowing during the challenge , as long as it doesn't affect their crew class.
Boat / participants numbers must be clearly displayed to event officers at the Start and Finish of the challenge and confirmed if requested. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and/or no crew time being recorded.
The course map, course instructions, boat trailer parking, car parking, launch and retrieval instructions will all be available on the day in the race pack. There is a safety and course briefing before anybody goes to the water at a time to be confirmed. At least one senior member (captain or cox) of each participant / crew must attend the briefing and confirm attendance by means of signing the the attendance record.. participants who have not attended the briefing will not be permitted on the water.
Safety officers instructions must be followed at all times.
All participants need to carry a towline (approx. 8m), a bailer (two 2L bailers per boat), a clearly displayed boat number (supplied), mobile phone and SOS flags (supplied).
The event committee contact number is 087 3892991 or 087 6290662
All participants are responsible for the safety and condition of their own craft, equipment and persons on/in the craft.
It is the responsibility of every participant to reach the start on time and in the order of their category / boat type. Details of this will be given on the day.
They must gather approximately 10 minutes before the designated start time at the start line without crossing the start line.
All participants should arrive at the launch site as early as possible but at least 2 hours before the start.
All categories / boat types will be identified before the launch and any late changes to crews, boats must be noted to the event committee at registrationbefore going on the water.
Participants must notify the event committee if they are retiring. If a participant is towed they will not be permitted to continue the event.
Participants must go through all designated gates; gates are integral to the course and to safety, crafts must hold their course and not impede other (overtaking) crafts.
Participants who do not pass through gates will be automatically disqualified.
Should any event safety officer deem it necessary that your craft or crew should retire then their decision is final and you must accept a tow.

All participants must be out of the water 5 and a half  hours after the start of the challenge.  
Participants enter the WAC challenge at their own risk and the organisers, officials, officers, sponsors etc shall not be liable for any injury or loss incurred before, during or after the event.
Photographic / video rights: By signing up for the WAC challenge every participant agrees that they may be photographed, filmed and/or broadcast live for subsequent reproduction and/or broadcast on print media/radio/television/internet without payment.